Lyarianz Youth Development Association

About LYDA:

The Lyarianz Youth Development Association is a non-profit, non-political, non-religious, evaluation and technical assistance organization that helps communities improve long-term outcomes for their youth program. LYDA is initiated by Mr. Zubair Hussain to foster and translate talent and excellence of adolescents and youth of Lyari into tangible action and community service and in the process provide a nursery for scientifically trained leaders and citizens of character and substance. In the process the community’s abandoned, sick and unserved are linked and benefited in a relationship of symbiosis and interdependence with the youth of Lyari Town. The high risk behaviors, lack of awareness and involvement of youth and women in decision / policy making, huge power distance and discriminatory laws and customs encouraged LYDA to envisaged plan of actions to empower both the vulnerable groups. LYDA is also very actively involved in policy advocacy, vocational training and capacity building and awareness raising among the marginalized section of society.